The work of Christopher Ryan Glenn




In my years of digital experience, I have been fortunate to develop a sense of simplicity and functionality in my work. These two things are, to me, the hallmark of good UX: ease of use and doing its job functionally and simply. Design should serve the experience - not the other way around. Below are a handful of ways I've directly impacted the UX of some digital projects in my advertising experience.


DOWNTOWN mobile site

I was tasked with helping consumers explore Dallas while also organizing the vast amounts of content our client wanted to bring to bear, so I labored over the UX of this mobile site for a long while, parsing the benefits of single and dual filters for restaurants, figuring the least amount of clicks and swipes to get to terminal information, and iterating the best places for complicated navigation and menus. It was a good challenge and the end result is a clean, simple, app-like experience that I am proud of.

Explore my user flow and wireframes of the site, then below, the site itself.

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I designed this tab experience to help demystify the process of learning about and buying a Samsung TV. I wanted to bring Samsung's industry-leading features to life while also keeping the information shallow enough so as to not overwhelm consumers. This experience did not get ultimately executed, but I liked where it was headed very much.



This was my first foray into UX as a young designer that actually lived to see the light of day. Our office in Connecticut was building a Reebok in-store experience and wanted a simple walkthrough of their latest line of shoes to wow the client. I designed this simple, shallow app to educate consumers about these models and bring them to life with simple navigation and engaging photography.