The work of Christopher Ryan Glenn

Faith, Hope & Love


Faith, Hope & Love

It is too simple to say that my faith informs my work. I have long aspired to simply be a Christian who obeys his particular calling to create - not a creator of "Christian" things but a Christian who creates. More than simply a matter of semantics, it is a matter of honesty, care and truth. And, as my mom says, what you care about you devote time to.



These are posters I've created in the past simply for my own encouragement. The quote at right, "I am one, I can do what one can do," has quite literally been a guiding sentiment printed on my desk, spurring me on to hold fast to my calling and be obedient to what good I can do before me.


I have done work in support of various organizations I love and care about over the past few years, including: International Justice Mission, World Vision and BraveLove, a Dallas-based adoption ministry.

My Feeding Hands poster was a winner with WorldVision's Hunger Free initiative, and was debuted in the 2013 G20 Summit in Washington, D.C, and my Drink Hope bottle design was sold in a short-lived partnership WorldVision had with the one-for-one charity, MiiR. (I bought one for myself but lost it at play rehearsal one night!)