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Damn. Some Days: A Poem


Some days:
It’s hard putting foot in front of foot

And Walking onward,
For how can you walk so far
When Linda’s brother just took his life hours before, by himself,
His life cradled in his hands – and he smothered it,
Baby bird
Quickly gone.

But walk on, for everything is fine:
Someone brought extra donuts to the office
And your only problem is
You ate too much of them;

But 40 million weren’t so lucky
When communism decided
They didn’t need to eat for a few years,
And their starved blood pushed the red state forward
Like a great ship onto the ocean.

And in the commentary later on,
In this warmer donut day,
People defended the starving – because they liked the idea
Of socialism more than the idea of the free market
When they learned of it in the textbook,
Which never included the true story
Of 40 million lives
Snuffed out
Like baby birds,
Helpless in the cradlehands of their own government.

So you guess,
You’ll just walk on,
Some days.








Tuesday August 8, 2017

Ryan Glenn