The work of Christopher Ryan Glenn


Pope Bars

I had fun with the trending hashtag #PopeBars once. One tweet turned into a few more, and soon I had a pretty sick flow for Pontiff:


Droppin’ my encyclicals

Like Sondheim they so lyrical,

Poppin’ off this Papal broth  

Like ill-dissolving miracles,

Healthy to your mind and soul

Gotta hella holy flow,

Tradin’ all these lies I find

For knowledge of dat Holy Ghos’.


Damn—nation aint for me no mo’

Dat Blood is knocking at my door,

Changing who I am inside

Into dat’ righteous-style core

Immaculate in mind and soul

Only cuz’ of Jesu’s role,

Turnin’ up my pontiff hat

Reminds me of my heavn’ly goal


They like

Confirmation like a gentleman,

My eucharist rememberin’,

The freedom of the holy din

Remindin’ me of holy hymns;

All I do is follow Him

And love thy neighbor like thy kin,

But not before I’m lovin’ Him,

The Father of me, us and them;

Perfectly coordinating step-by-step He ordinating

Every little papal step He pavin’ in collaborating

With that Holy Trinity, creed no more elaborating

Cuz I’m kneelin’ at this Cross and I be God-evaluating.






Ryan Glenn