The work of Christopher Ryan Glenn


One Time I Nearly Lost My Job

From my journal:

This morning an aerial host of elegant white threads went soaring aloft as a certain species of spider sent itself into the heavens to be carried by the coming fall winds and live wherever the breezes happened to carry them. Looking up, some alighted in the tops of trees, the roofs of cars, the line of a fence. Vince Guaraldi's "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" comes to mind, though it's more like, "Trust your Future" to the wind - God's wind. He's at work and may send me anywhere. Like a spider's strand I am subject to His mercy and His good plan, and I may land just where I started or I may rest miles away; but above all I know Him whose hand casts me onward and He is good, He is trustworthy, He is loving, He will provide.

As I look up I see the gossamer strands dancing in the bright morning breezes hundreds of feet up, twisting and flowing, drifting and billowing; dancing. So I, too, shall enjoy the dance.
Ryan G