The work of Christopher Ryan Glenn


The Breath Sustains and Sings Within

It’s a lite-brite afternoon, with the sky a steely grey,

The breeze is a wet kiss that quickly dries away,

And you want to walk faster just so you can see more of it,

Taste the old plaster and the metal and the charge of it,

Floating in tiny sparks that land on your tongue in it:

And everything that is good is good. And you see a friend and you wave through the window and you sigh heavy and full and you walk forward and you rest in your heart and you know that God is Good.

And the wails aren’t anywhere but the news, the deaths are everywhere but here-

The Life is continually short, and the Breath comes for all in unequal strides-

The Life is continually short, and the Breath staggers in the chest across the finish-

The Life is terribly long, and the Breath sustains and sings within-

The Song doesn’t stop until one. Final. Beat.

Song of Songs, Day of Days, Lord of Lords, Breath of Breaths.


Ryan G